Porch Sittin’ Chairs.

My sister, Lisa and I used to spend the summers with my Mema and Papa in Red Lick, TeXaS.  After supper, Mema would always clean the kitchen and retire to the screened porch and plop down in the middle of her bright yellow and green floral, fringe canopied swing with the yellow and blue cushion where Lisa and I would squeeze in on either side of her. I can still hear her, “Mercy, Mercy Me, I’m full as a tick”.   We had the rhythm in us.  We could get it started and swing in perfect time together, none of that jerking that gives you “porch swing whiplash”. Papa, after working all day in his garden, would sit in a woven lawn chair to the left of us facing the screen door.  This was a loud screen door.  The kind that SLAMS SHUT.  We “swang” and the people would come piling in one by one, Harold and Arlene Hicks, Uncle Brad, Mr. Adrian Maynard (the Preacher), Sheriff and Mrs. Sabo etc. etc.  Papa would pull chairs from all over the house to accommodate everyone that came along.

I made these crazy chairs with that in mind.  They are fold-able and would have worked perfect for all their visitors.  Mema had three groups of friends.  The “porch sitters”, the “after supper walkers” and the “friend in need”.  The after supper walkers ended up at the homes of the porch sitters.  The “friend in need” was still there the next morning.  We snapped many a beans and shucked bushels of corn in that swing with the lingering smell of manure.  Some of my best childhood memories took place on Mema and Papa’s porch.  Lots of gossipin’ that my young ears loved to hear, just sayin.  Two of the 6 chairs have quotes from the mouths of Mema and Papa themselves.  I”m sure they weren’t the first people to say them but they were the first people I heard say them.  Papa – “There’s nothin’ like sittin back and talking to your cows.” and Mema – “Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.”  There’s a chair for everybody that drops by from the Hard-Headed Woman, the Hillbilly and the God Fearing Man to the Resident Fast Lady 🙂





















DSCF6921aaa*Update 7/29/2016 – I found these pictures from those good ol’ corn shuckin’ days going through a box of Mema’s stuff and I felt I had to add them.<3 This is the good stuff, my friends, the stuff I cherish and will never forget. ❤

tvg2tvgThee Velvet Glove




Ira C. Pippin “Pip” (Papa) and Anna Gladys Pippin (Mema)


Papa reading the paper in the kitchen before church.


Mema wearing my hat 🙂 She turned 100 this past May.

fam pic 2 001aaaa

My Aunt Ruth and Papa, sticking out his tongue, in the garden.

fam pic 3 001a


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15 thoughts on “Porch Sittin’ Chairs.

    • Thank you Gae!! I have them around my kitchen table until I take them to storage and I just stare at them and laugh (and then tear up a little). I heart them to. They are not the Better Homes & Gardens look! – LOL 🙂

  1. Fabulous, fabulous story. Tell me more, tell me more. Now I have to go back and see what other stories you have to tell. Love this tale and the chairs, to absolute pieces! I want to come and sit on that porch of days gone by and enjoy the characters of the neighborhood, as well your Mema and Papa.

  2. Lori! You have the best family stories. I want to adopt your family! What beautiful memories you have of those visits. Nothing like a screened in front porch with a swinging bench. I could use one about right now!! I am in love with the Hard Headed Woman Chair, but they are all fabulous..

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