The Temptress – Bordello Chic meets Wild West Saloon

And now, the epitome of gaudiness – Bordello Chic meets Wild West Saloon, where curvaceous dance hall girls, like Squirrel Tooth Alice, with feathers swishing from the hems of their dresses and heels click-clacking across the floor, entertain fur trappers, miners, soldiers, gamblers and gunslingers amidst games of dice, poker and three-card monte.

Bombastic and not-so-subtle, this desk/vanity and chair set is covered in a parade of colors and patterns, topped off with brilliant gold, distressed and glazed. Desk is finished on all sides so can be placed anywhere in a room.  Not for the faint of heart. It would make a perfect addition to any humdrum room seeking to create a bit of a seductive and seedy feel. Ha! Flutter your double-row lashes, prop your elbow up on the counter, llleeeean way back, grab some dough out of the cookie jar, get over here and load this little jewel up, then ride off into the sunset! Nobody puts baby in the corner. G’wan home now. Show’s over.

Desk Dimensions: 38.5″ Wide x 31″ Tall x 20″ Deep; Chair Dimensions: 39″ Tall x 19″ Wide x 18″ Deep. Seat Height is 18.5″





Inside of drawer lining.


And then the Arizona wind blew.


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