La Gringa – Chest of Drawers

La Gringa – Chest of Drawers

In 1927 (Oklahoma born) New Mexico cowgirl, Miss Vonceil Viking won a $25,000.00 wager when she rode her horse, “Broadway” from New York to Los Angeles. She told a reporter she was making the ride, “so as to prove the hardiness and courage of today’s American girl.”  She later appeared in several early silent movies. I came across this fine picture of her and used it as inspiration for this piece.  I went with the more muted colors (which is not the norm for me) in CeCe Caldwell’s Paint line of Miss Viking’s blouse, fringed vest and skirt getup.  Thank you for looking.


Miss Vonceil Viking, claimed her name, Vonceil, “is a Cherokee Indian word for of the sky.”






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