Buttercup Buffet

Hello! I’ve had this buffet for a few years now. I liked it, but after a while I got tired of it being so dark. I wanted something lighter. After much thought I decided on this fabulous, rich, buttery yellow, Buttercup Chalk Type Paint from the Vintiques line by Heirloom Traditions. I started with a layer of Chantilly Chalk Type Paint, a classic, bright white, then sanded lightly with 220 grit sandpaper and painted on a layer of Buttercup. This paint has great coverage. It only took one coat of each color.

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

I added a layer of Clear Spray Wax in the crevices and brushed on some Aging Powder in Ancient Agings, which gave it a really cool subtle but aged look. You’ve gotta try that stuff!

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

To finish it off, I distressed and then sealed with Vintiques Satin Topcoat, a water based top coat that gives your painted finish long lasting durability & scrubility! This top coat is unique because it is specially formulated to be able to adhere to a waxed surface.  This means you can still antique your piece with wax, if that’s the look you desire, but be able to give your painted furniture a durable finish.  Low VOC’s, safe to use indoors & safe to use on baby furniture. Love it and the packaging is just adorable!


It’s available in 3 sheens:  Matte, Satin and Gloss.

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove - Before and After

Thee Velvet Glove


Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

For more information on Vintiques products click here.

To locate a retailer in your area click here.

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10 thoughts on “Buttercup Buffet

  1. Once again you succeeded in changing my mind about a color family…I LOATHE yellow. I mean, it makes me kinda queasy. And yet, in your hands, it becomes this buttery, soft, appealing shade of sunshine. Stop it right now, please, or I’ll have to re-think my entire aesthetic!

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