Painting Pleather – A 70’s Ottoman goes Gold Glam.

Hello. This ottoman was given to me a few years ago by a friend of mine. I LOVE IT! I use it to sit on while I paint because it’s got a comfortable cushiony, big, seat and wheels. I can spin around and what furniture painter wouldn’t love that? It’s just not the prettiest thing, so I thought I’d give her a makeover.

So here she is. This is the before. Not so great looking but the potential is there…

Thee Velvet GloveI cleaned the ottoman with Simple Green, rinsed with water and put on a coat of FAB! by Heirloom Traditions, a dual purpose product, primer & sealer for fabric. I used FAB! mainly for the primer. It might not have been necessary over vinyl but I went ahead and put a coat on regardless. Below is a picture immediately after a coat of FAB!

You can see more on FAB! in this chair makeover I did here.

Thee Velvet GloveNext, I painted on a coat of Vintiques Chalk Type Paint in the color “Buttercup” as shown in the video below. I sanded with 220 grit sandpaper between the two coats of Buttercup.

Then for the GOLD! This stuff is great! I put on three light layers of Heirloom Tradition’s Metallic Masters Top Coat in Golden Glimmer. One of the best things about it, Metallic Masters Top Coats will seal your chalk type and milk painted surfaces and add a durable, scruable protection to your painted surface. misc008__24433.1446142686.1000.1200Swoon! I was in LOVE! I have a huge place in my heart for gold.

Here is a short video below applying the Metallic Masters in Golden Glimmer by Heirloom Traditions.

And here’s the result. I’m so pleased with it. Who would’ve thought brown 70’s pleather could look this good? I want it in my living room now. I’m gonna have to find myself another scoot scoot to sit on while I paint.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove

Check out this video on Metallic Masters here.

Before and After:

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glovenewitems036__01287.1446232807.1000.1200Buttercup__70224.1446232364.1000.1200Thee Velvet Glove - Heirloom Traditions ProductsFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

To locate a retailer in your area click here.

Thank you for stopping by! -L


17 thoughts on “Painting Pleather – A 70’s Ottoman goes Gold Glam.

  1. Checked out your link where to locate a retailer of heirloom traditions. I shows a lication, but not the name of the retailer. Ottoman looks fabulous

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