Ombre Candlesticks

Hello. A friend of mine was getting rid of some stuff one day and asked me if I wanted these huge column candlesticks.  They’ve been sitting on my buffet for a few years now. One afternoon, I decided they weren’t really doing it for me and they needed a little pizazz. So I got out my Heirloom Traditions paints and Aurora Staining Gel and proceeded to do just that.

PicMonkey Collagetvg

The first one I painted in Alexandrite Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, “a gorgeous gem stone green chalk type paint with a touch of teal.”

Alexandrite TVG

The next one I painted with the color Synergy Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, a happy bright aqua. I adore this color. It’s one of my favorite blues.

Synergy TVG

The third one I painted with Aqueduct Chalk Type Paint. “If Mint Green and Teal Green had a baby, it would be Aqueduct.  Its a bright aqua green chalk type paint with minty tones.”

Aqueduct TVG

Next I used Aurora Staining Gel in the color Snow White as a glaze. I brushed it on and wiped it back. Then I distressed them with 150 grit sandpaper and I love them. They have a fun, beachy vibe now.



Ombre TVGPicMonkey Collagetvg1


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