Before and Afters featuring Heirloom Traditions and Vintiques Chalk Type Paint Products

tvgba2PicMonkey Image
Hello! How are y’all? I’m a big time lover of before and after
pictures. I think they say so much for what could be, especially if
you have a hard time imagining what can be created. I know quite a few
people that abandon a project because they can’t make it through the
ugly phase and the struggle is real, folks. I’ve had my moments too.
Every time I tell my mom what I have planned for a piece she looks at
me like I’m crazy. LOL And most times I am wild, bold and rowdy in
my designs, but that’s me and that’s what I do. Sugar Skull? Yea.
Leopard? Yea. Decoupaged Magic Horses? Yep. Lots of stripes, bold
colors and harlequin. I’m working on a hutch now that looks like it
belongs in a carnival. A full alligator piece and a splatter piece are
coming soon. So for my mom and others like her, or for those of you who simply dig before and afters I thought I’d put all the ones I’ve done using Heirloom
post. I hope you enjoy!

ba2Sugar Skull Chic Chest of Drawers


Jungle Love

Thee Velvet Glove Before and AfterThe Table that Tugged at my Heart

chair11Chair Makeover with FAB!

Painted Lady Before and After Thee Velvet GlovePainted Lady Chest of Drawers

PicMonkey Collageblue2Nightstands featuring Vintiques Chalk Type Paint

14066427_929549880501489_3949904760637094932_oMy Favorite Piece

bt9hdMint Julep Table

PicMonkey CollagebeforeandaftertvgButtercup Buffet

PicMonkey Collagebanda3Graceland Blue Dresser

PicMonkey CollagebeforeandafterbokPainting Plastic – 20 Minute Makeover

ba2Painting Pleather

bacollagebeforeandafterEasy Spring Decor – Painting and Distressing Glass Bottles

untitledBecause Every Girl Needs a Little Leopard in her Life

THISONEPicMonkey CollageTHISONEARMATEXTGrit to Glam – Black Leather Recliner Makeover featuring Reluv

PicMonkey Collage Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove Elite Salon Pano3Salon Station Makeover Madness

PicMonkey CollagebaSeven Color Distressed Table

PicMonkey CollagetvgOmbre’ Candlesticks

beforeandafterThrift Store Folding Chair Makeover with 1GEL.

Thee Velvet Glove before and afterSimply White and Totally Out of My Comfort Zone

See all this fun stuff?

HTP Products Thee Velvet GloveTVG ProductsYou can find it all and more here!  I can’t say enough good things about this paint company! So many different product lines to chose from, great staff and great support!!!

For more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

To locate a retailer in your area click here.

Thank you for stopping by! -L


8 thoughts on “Before and Afters featuring Heirloom Traditions and Vintiques Chalk Type Paint Products

  1. What a treasure trove, Lori! It’s amazing to see all these pieces in one place – a treat for the eyes and the soul…thank you, my friend!

  2. I love your work! I have a chair that i was going to take to the upholsterer. I want the wood painted gold and Ive been looking for black and white striped fabric, well the Tanya chair is my inspiration i know i can do this. My question is, what product did you use on the wood? I didnt see any gold in the Heirloom line up or did I?

    Regards Loxie

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