Windmill Wall Art Tutorial

Hello! I’ve done a couple of these and I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on them. The skill level required is pretty minimal as long as you have (dry time) patience.

Here is a list (and affiliate links) of the items I used:

  1. Pro Ultra Smooth Gesso Panel in whatever size you choose
  2. Martha Stewart Craft Paints
  3. Lumiere Paint (LOVE THIS STUFF)
  4. Assorted paintbrushes
  5. Frog Tape

Get ready to use a ton of tape. I worked under a ceiling fan to minimize dry time. This is a pretty easy project and can be done with muted or bold colors which makes it versatile and fun.

First, I drew a small dot with a pencil where I wanted my center to be. Then I just taped off different sections one at a time from that center. I taped and painted and waited for the painted section to dry, then taped and painted again. I just kept repeating until I was finished.

The finished piece:

A smaller version I did:

Hope you enjoyed this. These are for sale in my Etsy Shop. Thanks for stopping by! -L




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