Simply White and Totally Out of My Comfort Zone.

Hello friends! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve painted a piece of furniture white. I think I’ve done two besides this one, and those two weren’t all white and probably don’t even count.  I normally use lots of color and prints, bold stripes, leopard, floral, blues, pinks, red, orange, greens, polka dots, purples, gold and so forth. So many people are afraid of color, but me? I get nervous to do white. Kinda strange, because that’s what is incredibly popular with so many people, including me, loving the farmhouse look. I get quite a few messages and emails from people afraid to use color because they consider white “safe”. So this is me coming out of my comfort zone of color.

A classic white finish using Chantilly Chalk Type Paint,  a classic, bright white chalk type paint by Vintiques coupled with Antiqued Brown Spray Wax used as a glaze on a table with gorgeous carvings and tons of curves just begging for glaze down in those nooks and crannies. I sealed it with Vintiques Satin Top Coat. This table brings a lot on its own but I believe the white does soooo much for it and I’ve gotta admit I love the simplicity and classic look of it.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveTaped off to preserve that gorgeous top.

Thee Velvet Glove

Before and After:

Thee Velvet Glove Before and After

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove

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Seven Color Distressed Table

Hello. I painted this little table this past weekend and wanted to share it with you. I used seven different colors in the Heirloom Traditions and Vintiques Chalk Type Paint lines.


For the first coat I used Heirloom Traditions Direct Green (my absolute favorite green), followed with Heirloom Traditions Synergy, Alexandrite and random streaks of Vintiques Ol’ Navy and Sail Away.



Then I painted the entire table in Vintiques Engine No.9, a wonderfully vibrant red. After that I added Mandarin to sections of the table and then I heavily distressed the entire piece with my Black and Decker Mouse Sander using 120 grit sandpaper allowing a parade of colors to peek through.







For the topcoat I used my favorite satin topcoat by Vintiques. I love this stuff. It goes on so smoothly, enhances and deepens the paint colors and levels excellently, leaving a perfect finish! And it’s waterbased for easy cleanup!



PicMonkey Collageba

htpPicMonkey Collage

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Salon Station Makeover Madness

Hello. I recently did a big project I’d like to share with you.

I met Leighanne Bice, the owner of Elite Salon in Clanton, AL and she asked me about tracking down and painting some salon stations for her salon. I said “Sure!” and went to looking. My first thought, in search of that many matching pieces, was to possibly find a hotel that was redecorating, which is easier said than done. I went to a couple of spots and then got super lucky at Prattville Pickers. They had 11 matching large end tables from the Auburn Marriott Opelika Hotel & Conference Center at Grand National that was being renovated. SCORE!

Thee Velvet GloveWe added wood and brackets and legs. This was a chore, but they turned out great. I was really pleased with the results!

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove


More prep. Thee Velvet GloveLeighanne and I discussed color schemes and settled on gray with black glaze, gold drawers and mercury glass and clear glass knobs. I put on a coat of primer then used Thunderous Chalk Type Paint from Heirloom Traditions custom mixed with a bit of Vintiques Chantilly, also by Heirloom Traditions, to get the shade of grey Leighanne wanted and went to painting.


Thee Velvet GloveAfter one or two pieces I knew my back was in for it so I ran up to Home Depot and got this little (magical, life saving) Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer for $79.97 (no compressor needed!). I thinned the paint a little and started spraying. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this paint and thinned with water by 10%, it sprayed like a dream. Leveled wonderfully!

Thee Velvet GloveDrawers galore! Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveAnd then Jet Black Spray Wax by Heirloom Traditions in the crevices for detail. I love the richness that JBSW adds!


Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveGetting closer… Adding knobs.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveInstall day! I located these on April 16th and delivered them on May 3rd and I’m thrilled with the outcome! It was a big job but so satisfying.

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove CollageThee Velvet Glove Elite SalonThee Velvet Glove Elite Salon Pano3Thee Velvet Glove 3PicMonkey Collage Thee Velvet GloveFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

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Set of Dainty Side Tables

A set of dainty little tables painted with Shabby Paints Peacock and then topcoated with their Vax and Hazelnut ReVax. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this line. The coverage, color and texture of the paint is fabulous and the Vax and ReVax are amazing and very user friendly. Bravo Shabby Paint! I’m hooked. Dimensions: 29″H x 16″W x 1″D. For Sale.  Please email me at for price and details.  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂




PicMonkey Collagedaintyy

Antiqued Silver Glam Nightstands

Bring elegance and drama into any room.  Set of 2 Nightstands/End Tables with 3 spacious drawers. This finish obtained by layering various shades of silver and glazes to evoke a warm antiqued silvery glow. These pieces reflect light and sparkle like fine jewelry for your home.










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Frenchy Grunge Table

Lot’s of ornamental detail.  Table is painted in a beautiful turquoise then Distressed and Glazed in a Deep Whiskey Hue to Grunge it up real good.  Dimensions 30″ Wide x 22″ Tall x 21″ Deep.  DSCF7584a





PicMonkey Collagemexxxxxxaaabbccdd

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Graceland Blue Over You – Vintage Henredon Nightstands.

Graceland Blue Over You – If you’re an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you’re not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible.

A pair of Vintage, Henredon French Provincial Nightstands inspired by and painted in my FOREVER Color Crush a.k.a. ELVIS’  BLUE VELVET CURTAINS (trimmed with Gold Fringe.  God Bless America and God Bless Fringe.) that hang at the top of the stairway and in the Dining and Living Rooms at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.  Nightstands are then glazed in a Deep Whiskey Hue, distressed and waxed to a velvety sheen.  Hardware and detail is finished in my favorite Gold.




Vintage Henredon DuBarry Custom Folio Two Collection Nightstands.





PicMonkey Collageelvaa

Before & After


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