Thrift Store Folding Chair Makeover with 1GEL.

Hello friends!! I’ve been busy recently cleaning out my garage. It’s been much more of a chore than I expected and the Arizona heat doesn’t help.  When I get in a “get rid of it” mood, nothing is safe. I pulled this chair out (that I bought at a thrift store) and put it in the back of my SUV to take to Deseret Industries aka D.I. I pulled up to D.I. with a load of stuff and took another look at it and ended up bringing it back home.

I came home, blew past the garage mess, grabbed my 1GEL and headed to my paper hoard where I picked out some different designs. Leopard, Floral, Stripes and Polka Dots, cause why not?

Thee Velvet Glove

I painted the frame of the chair with one of my go to colors, Mint Julep Chalk Type Paint by Vintiques and then sealed with Vintiques Oxidized Patina Spray Wax. I love the depth the Oxidized Patina adds! To apply the Spray Wax, I shake the bottle really well and pour some out in a bowl then apply it with a brush.

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

And then I attached the paper and sealed with 1GEL as shown in the video above.  That’s why they call it 1GEL, it’s a decoupage, sealer and transfer medium all in one. So easy and this chair is so much more fun than before! Click here for a video demonstration on how to use 1GEL.

Thee Velvet Glove

I waited for the top coat of 1GEL to dry and distressed the paper with 150 and 220 grit sandpaper then resealed.

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet Glove


Thee Velvet Glove

Here is the before and after picture:

Thee Velvet Glove

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Grit to Glam – Black Leather Recliner Makeover

Hello! Who doesn’t love a good Grit to Glam Makeover? Paula Blankenship from Heirloom Traditions Paint sent me some Reluv Leather Renew in the color Ebony to try. I had the perfect piece to try it on. Squeal!!! Thee Velvet GloveI picked this recliner up one day at Goodwill. I paid $23 and change for it. When I first sat down in it it wouldn’t recline at all. The handle kept getting stuck. But it was super clean under the cushion and it was from The Leather Factory. It had nailhead trim and was very well made! I flipped it over in the store and found that a bracket was jammed. I (somehow) managed to fix it, flipped it back over and it worked like a charm. I asked my friend to please sit in it (I’m fairly sure a gentleman about 10 feet away was waiting to pounce after he saw it recline.) and went to look for someone to write me a ticket up to purchase it.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveTo prep the leather I used acetone and gave it a good once over, then let it dry. Acetone strips the leather of any oils or conditioners that may have been applied over time. I found this at Home Depot for around $7.00 and I used hardly any of this quart, but it was the smallest size they carried.

Thee Velvet GloveEnter ReLuv and this awesome applicator. It’s called the True Applicator for streak-free applications of topcoats, glazes, stains, paint, etc. Folks, it has slits in the sides so you can get a good grip while you’re applying and it leaves no brush strokes!

Thee Velvet GloveReLuv has a pudding like consistency. I stirred it up with a chopstick and went to town.

Thee Velvet GloveI suggest wearing gloves while applying Reluv. Below is a before and after of one coat. Great coverage! I started with one light coat and added another coat.

Thee Velvet GloveI added some silver to the nail head trim and it’s all finished! It’s like a brand new chair!

Thee Velvet GloveThis stuff is like magic for worn leather! It’s pretty amazing. Check out these before and after shots.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveRight now Reluv Leather Renew is available in three colors: Chestnut Brown, Ebony and Mahogany. It can be used on leather boots, saddles, purses, jackets, briefcases, etc. Reluv will restain your leather without changing the feel of it at all.


Here’s a video clip below of Paula demonstrating how to apply Reluv.

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Chair Makeover with Fab! Painted Fabric Primer & Sealer by Heirloom Traditions

Hey y’all! If you follow my blog or Facebook page you know I love the country music greats. I’m calling this chair “Delta Dawn” because she’s painted in the color “Tanya”, because of “that flower” she has on and because I’ve loved TANYA TUCKER as long as I can remember. The chair was kind of a pale, dingy blue but had great bones and just needed a little love. Here is a before, during and after of her makeover using Fab! Painted Fabric Primer & Sealer by Heirloom Traditions, Tanya Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, Begonia Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, Direct Green Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, Daredevil Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, Black Bean Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, French Vanilla Chalk Paint by Heirloom Traditions and Sundance Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions.

Before and After Makeover using Heirloom Traditions' FAB! by Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveI applied a thorough coat of FAB! directly to the fabric surface. I allowed it to dry completely to the touch. Next, I applied Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint in the color Tanya onto the sealed surface (On the back of the chair I used Black Bean and French Vanilla.). I allowed it to dry for 24 hours. Then I sealed my paint finish with FAB! by applying an even coat directly to the painted surface. One coat is all you need. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

Thee Velvet Glove

Who would have thought you could paint stripes on velvet? You CAN!

Thee Velvet GlovechairThee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveFor more information on Heirloom Traditions’ Products please visit your local retailer or click here.

Watch below for a step by step video tutorial on how to use FAB! from Paula Blankenship, Creative Director of Heirloom Traditions.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThank you for stopping by! -L

Porch Sittin’ Chairs.

My sister, Lisa and I used to spend the summers with my Mema and Papa in Red Lick, TeXaS.  After supper, Mema would always clean the kitchen and retire to the screened porch and plop down in the middle of her bright yellow and green floral, fringe canopied swing with the yellow and blue cushion where Lisa and I would squeeze in on either side of her. I can still hear her, “Mercy, Mercy Me, I’m full as a tick”.   We had the rhythm in us.  We could get it started and swing in perfect time together, none of that jerking that gives you “porch swing whiplash”. Papa, after working all day in his garden, would sit in a woven lawn chair to the left of us facing the screen door.  This was a loud screen door.  The kind that SLAMS SHUT.  We “swang” and the people would come piling in one by one, Harold and Arlene Hicks, Uncle Brad, Mr. Adrian Maynard (the Preacher), Sheriff and Mrs. Sabo etc. etc.  Papa would pull chairs from all over the house to accommodate everyone that came along.

I made these crazy chairs with that in mind.  They are fold-able and would have worked perfect for all their visitors.  Mema had three groups of friends.  The “porch sitters”, the “after supper walkers” and the “friend in need”.  The after supper walkers ended up at the homes of the porch sitters.  The “friend in need” was still there the next morning.  We snapped many a beans and shucked bushels of corn in that swing with the lingering smell of manure.  Some of my best childhood memories took place on Mema and Papa’s porch.  Lots of gossipin’ that my young ears loved to hear, just sayin.  Two of the 6 chairs have quotes from the mouths of Mema and Papa themselves.  I”m sure they weren’t the first people to say them but they were the first people I heard say them.  Papa – “There’s nothin’ like sittin back and talking to your cows.” and Mema – “Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.”  There’s a chair for everybody that drops by from the Hard-Headed Woman, the Hillbilly and the God Fearing Man to the Resident Fast Lady 🙂





















DSCF6921aaa*Update 7/29/2016 – I found these pictures from those good ol’ corn shuckin’ days going through a box of Mema’s stuff and I felt I had to add them.<3 This is the good stuff, my friends, the stuff I cherish and will never forget. ❤

tvg2tvgThee Velvet Glove




Ira C. Pippin “Pip” (Papa) and Anna Gladys Pippin (Mema)


Papa reading the paper in the kitchen before church.


Mema wearing my hat 🙂 She turned 100 this past May.

fam pic 2 001aaaa

My Aunt Ruth and Papa, sticking out his tongue, in the garden.

fam pic 3 001a


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Viva la Viola – New Orleans Purple Vanity and Chair Set.

Viva la Viola –  Vanity/Desk and Chair Set.

Fashioned in the Memory and Sassy Style of my Sweet Granny, Viola “Vi” Griffin Hawkins –  Born in DeKalb, TX on April 7, 1926.  She will forever be remembered in my mind as my Disco Ball Granny, because of her wonderfully sparkly wardrobe and equally sparkly personality.  When I was little I loved to sit in her closet and stare at her scarves, pocketbooks and shoes.  She had everything from glittery gold and silver house slippers to bright orange and green metallic slingback heels.

“She would always say ‘the rain went down the river’ (when it looked like it would come a down pour but didn’t rain or it was predicted to rain but didn’t).  Her favorite color was purple, but she loved any bright colors and it showed in what she wore. Even her costume jewelry was bold and bright. Granny loved to dress up.  She had that WOW factor!!  She loved watching The Gaithers on TV.  Her favorite Gospel songs were ‘The Old Rugged Cross’, ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘Amazing Grace’.  She loved hanging out with ‘The Girls’. These were a group of ladies (Eva, Thelma, Evelyn, Joyce, Bobbie) she went to church with and they often attended church sponsored events together, shopped together, and had get-togethers at each others homes, ate and played Nines, Spoons and other games. She loved playing Yahtzee, Wahoo, Canasta.   The most memorable thing about Granny was her upbeat attitude and smile, especially at the end of her life. She showed stamina, strength, and resolve in the face of blindness, heart trouble, kidney cancer, and pain.” -Rona Hawkins Grider.

Kidney Shaped Vanity/Desk and Chair have been painted in eye-catching CeCe Caldwell’s New Orleans Purple, Glazed in a Deep Whiskey Hue, Distressed and Waxed.  Appliques in Gilded Gold.   Chair cushion has been recovered in a patterned gold velvet  fabric.  Dimensions: 37.5″ Wide x 29″ Tall x 21″ Deep.








I will always cherish this picture of my mom, who died on Nicole's birthday...May 11, 2009

April 7, 1926 to May 11, 2009


Grandpa Hawkins


Granny and my Daddy


Thank you Aunt Rona for helping me with Granny’s history. 🙂


My Aunt Rona, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂

Life Legacy – Obituary

Viola Hawkins, 83, of Hooks, TX, died Monday, May 11, 2009, in a local hospital. She was born April 7, 1926, in DeKalb, TX. She was retired from Red River Army Depot and was a member of First Baptist Church, Hooks. She was preceded in death by her husband, Cecil Hawkins and a granddaughter, Lisa Hawkins. She is survived by one son and daughter-in-law, Larry and Bonnie Hawkins of Ashdown, AR; one daughter and son-in-law, Rona and Jerry Grider of Wake Village, TX; three grandchildren, Nicole Hon and her husband, David, of Texarkana, AR, Kelly Hudson of Little Rock, AR, and Lori Preece of Vernal, UT; three great-grandchildren and a number of other relatives and friends. Funeral services will be held 2 pm Thursday, May 14, 2009, at Chapelwood Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Roy Ford officiating. Burial will be in Chapelwood Memorial Gardens. Memorial contributions may be made to First Baptist Church, Hooks, Building Fund.

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Rosey Posey Desk/Vanity and Chair

Rosey Posey Desk/Vanity and Chair Set.  Cute Little Desk painted in Glossy Red and Dressed-Up with Pink Roses on the Drawer Front and Desk Top Corners.  Newly Lined Drawers and Glass Pink Knobs.  Desk is painted on all sides so can be placed anywhere in a room.

Desk Dimensions: 30″ Wide x 29.5″ Tall x 18″ Deep   Chair Dimensions: 32″ Tall x 17″ Wide x 16.5 Deep.  Seat Height is 17″.


DSCF3109aaaDSCF3082bbb DSCF3090aaDSCF3084aaa

DSCF3079aaDSCF3054aDSCF3110bbb DSCF3086a






Desk/Vanity inspired by Kaylee Gardiner and her cute outfit 🙂

PicMonkey Collagefdfdd

Before and After

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Double Pedestal Table and 4 Chairs ~ I’m Thankful For…

Double Pedestal Mahogany Table and 4 Chairs – Pedestals and Chairs are painted in Annie Sloan Old White, then distressed.  Top of table is painted in Coco and glazed to match the recovered chair cushions.

Around the apron of the table this prayer is painted:  “Heavenly Father, We thank thee for this home in which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the health, the work, the food and the bright skies that make our lives delightful. We ask thy blessings on the meal thou has provided for us and thank thee for all who have prepared it for our nourishment.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.” 🙂

Table Dimensions: 35″ deep by 70″ wide and stands 30″ tall.









PicMonkey Collageccccc
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