White and Gold Glam Desk Makeover

Hello! I ran across this desk on a yard sale site and knew it had great potential. I needed one for my office and this was the perfect size. I wanted something simple that wouldn’t take away from the bold decor I have in there. This was perfect!

It was in pretty bad shape when I got it. Covered in several layers of black, teal and red latex paint and lots of gouges on the top as you can see here:

I sanded it down and painted it with Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint in French Vanilla.  For the gold accents I used this fabulous product called Little Billy Goat Sticks. I chose the “Gold Leaf”. These are so awesome! They are little sticks for highlighting that come in seven different colors and are super easy to use. I love how it turned out!

I found this awesome cactus tapestry online that I’m loving!! To see the details click my affiliate link here. I’m a bit tapestry obsessed now.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover. Thanks for dropping by! -L





Aurora Staining Gels on Raw Wood

This little chair was rough and I mean rough, but I like it’s rough and toughness. I sanded it some so I wouldn’t get splinters and got my Aurora Staining Gels out.  I wanted to keep the rustic feel of this chair. I wanted to experiment more with them on raw wood. It was a match made in heaven. If your piece has any varnish on it you’ll need to remove that before applying Aurora Staining Gels. 16I used Aurora Staining Gels in the colors Cherry Bomb, Island Paradise and I’m Jaded. I put the Cherry Bomb on first. It comes in these great squirt bottles! So easy to use!

unnamedaI brushed it on random places of the chair.

redaThen I added the Island Paradise.

blueaaIn some areas I mixed the I’m Jaded and Island Paradise together and applied them that way.

3aaThen I put a coat of I’m Jaded over the entire chair. After it dried, I distressed it back some and I’m really please with the outcome.


14aa10aaasgtvgPicMonkey CollagebaAurora Staining Gels come in 20 funky colors including 5 metallic staining gels. No top coats needed. Chalk Type Paint can be sealed with Aurora Staining Gels. Soap and water clean up too.

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Salon Station Makeover Madness

Hello. I recently did a big project I’d like to share with you.

I met Leighanne Bice, the owner of Elite Salon in Clanton, AL and she asked me about tracking down and painting some salon stations for her salon. I said “Sure!” and went to looking. My first thought, in search of that many matching pieces, was to possibly find a hotel that was redecorating, which is easier said than done. I went to a couple of spots and then got super lucky at Prattville Pickers. They had 11 matching large end tables from the Auburn Marriott Opelika Hotel & Conference Center at Grand National that was being renovated. SCORE!

Thee Velvet GloveWe added wood and brackets and legs. This was a chore, but they turned out great. I was really pleased with the results!

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove


More prep. Thee Velvet GloveLeighanne and I discussed color schemes and settled on gray with black glaze, gold drawers and mercury glass and clear glass knobs. I put on a coat of primer then used Thunderous Chalk Type Paint from Heirloom Traditions custom mixed with a bit of Vintiques Chantilly, also by Heirloom Traditions, to get the shade of grey Leighanne wanted and went to painting.


Thee Velvet GloveAfter one or two pieces I knew my back was in for it so I ran up to Home Depot and got this little (magical, life saving) Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer for $79.97 (no compressor needed!). I thinned the paint a little and started spraying. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this paint and thinned with water by 10%, it sprayed like a dream. Leveled wonderfully!

Thee Velvet GloveDrawers galore! Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveAnd then Jet Black Spray Wax by Heirloom Traditions in the crevices for detail. I love the richness that JBSW adds!


Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveGetting closer… Adding knobs.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveInstall day! I located these on April 16th and delivered them on May 3rd and I’m thrilled with the outcome! It was a big job but so satisfying.

Thee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove CollageThee Velvet Glove Elite SalonThee Velvet Glove Elite Salon Pano3Thee Velvet Glove 3PicMonkey Collage Thee Velvet GloveFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

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Frame Makeover – Two Different Looks

Hello! Just a short little post showing two different looks for this thrift store frame I bought.

Heirloom Traditions Paint sent me the color Pulled Taffy in their Vintiques Chalk Type Paint line to try out along with some Tea Stained Taupe Spray Wax.

Pulled TaffyI went to hunting something I could paint with this fun powdery, purplish, pink. I came upon this frame. It was gorgeous so I grabbed it.

Frame BeforeI put on two coats to cover this dingy gold.

frame3The picture below is prior to applying the Tea Stained Taupe Spray Wax.

frameptAnd after Tea Stained Taupe Spray Wax. I love how it brings out the detail of the frame.

be5Pulled Taffy with Tea Stained Taupe Spray WaxBefore and AfterI repainted it in Olympic Gold by Modern Masters and added a piece of metal which I painted with Raven, also by Vintiques to create a magnetic chalkboard for custom piece. I love how they both turned out. Two completely different looks.

Gold FrameGold Framegold frame

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Grit to Glam – Black Leather Recliner Makeover

Hello! Who doesn’t love a good Grit to Glam Makeover? Paula Blankenship from Heirloom Traditions Paint sent me some Reluv Leather Renew in the color Ebony to try. I had the perfect piece to try it on. Squeal!!! Thee Velvet GloveI picked this recliner up one day at Goodwill. I paid $23 and change for it. When I first sat down in it it wouldn’t recline at all. The handle kept getting stuck. But it was super clean under the cushion and it was from The Leather Factory. It had nailhead trim and was very well made! I flipped it over in the store and found that a bracket was jammed. I (somehow) managed to fix it, flipped it back over and it worked like a charm. I asked my friend to please sit in it (I’m fairly sure a gentleman about 10 feet away was waiting to pounce after he saw it recline.) and went to look for someone to write me a ticket up to purchase it.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveTo prep the leather I used acetone and gave it a good once over, then let it dry. Acetone strips the leather of any oils or conditioners that may have been applied over time. I found this at Home Depot for around $7.00 and I used hardly any of this quart, but it was the smallest size they carried.

Thee Velvet GloveEnter ReLuv and this awesome applicator. It’s called the True Applicator for streak-free applications of topcoats, glazes, stains, paint, etc. Folks, it has slits in the sides so you can get a good grip while you’re applying and it leaves no brush strokes!

Thee Velvet GloveReLuv has a pudding like consistency. I stirred it up with a chopstick and went to town.

Thee Velvet GloveI suggest wearing gloves while applying Reluv. Below is a before and after of one coat. Great coverage! I started with one light coat and added another coat.

Thee Velvet GloveI added some silver to the nail head trim and it’s all finished! It’s like a brand new chair!

Thee Velvet GloveThis stuff is like magic for worn leather! It’s pretty amazing. Check out these before and after shots.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveRight now Reluv Leather Renew is available in three colors: Chestnut Brown, Ebony and Mahogany. It can be used on leather boots, saddles, purses, jackets, briefcases, etc. Reluv will restain your leather without changing the feel of it at all.


Here’s a video clip below of Paula demonstrating how to apply Reluv.

Thee Velvet GloveFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

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Painting Pleather – A 70’s Ottoman goes Gold Glam.

Hello. This ottoman was given to me a few years ago by a friend of mine. I LOVE IT! I use it to sit on while I paint because it’s got a comfortable cushiony, big, seat and wheels. I can spin around and what furniture painter wouldn’t love that? It’s just not the prettiest thing, so I thought I’d give her a makeover.

So here she is. This is the before. Not so great looking but the potential is there…

Thee Velvet GloveI cleaned the ottoman with Simple Green, rinsed with water and put on a coat of FAB! by Heirloom Traditions, a dual purpose product, primer & sealer for fabric. I used FAB! mainly for the primer. It might not have been necessary over vinyl but I went ahead and put a coat on regardless. Below is a picture immediately after a coat of FAB!

You can see more on FAB! in this chair makeover I did here.

Thee Velvet GloveNext, I painted on a coat of Vintiques Chalk Type Paint in the color “Buttercup” as shown in the video below. I sanded with 220 grit sandpaper between the two coats of Buttercup.

Then for the GOLD! This stuff is great! I put on three light layers of Heirloom Tradition’s Metallic Masters Top Coat in Golden Glimmer. One of the best things about it, Metallic Masters Top Coats will seal your chalk type and milk painted surfaces and add a durable, scruable protection to your painted surface. misc008__24433.1446142686.1000.1200Swoon! I was in LOVE! I have a huge place in my heart for gold.

Here is a short video below applying the Metallic Masters in Golden Glimmer by Heirloom Traditions.

And here’s the result. I’m so pleased with it. Who would’ve thought brown 70’s pleather could look this good? I want it in my living room now. I’m gonna have to find myself another scoot scoot to sit on while I paint.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove

Check out this video on Metallic Masters here.

Before and After:

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glovenewitems036__01287.1446232807.1000.1200Buttercup__70224.1446232364.1000.1200Thee Velvet Glove - Heirloom Traditions ProductsFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

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Painting Plastic – 20 Minute Makeover featuring Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint

Want a quick makeover? This is a plastic, thrift store frame. Yes, you can paint plastic with Heirloom Traditions Paint Products. It’s got tons of grooves and it’s a great size. It started out gold and was pretty as it was, but I wanted pink and I had the perfect pink on hand, Posh Pink by White Lace Cottage for Heirloom Traditions Paint. I made over this frame from start to finish in about 20 minutes. I used Vintiques Engine No. 9 Chalk Type Paint, Heirloom Traditions Posh Pink Chalk Type Paint and Muddy Pond Spray Wax. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so I’m in full blown red and pink mode.

Thee Velvet Glove Before and AfterFirst, I brushed on some Engine No. 9 around the outside edges and corners of the frame. I did this because I knew I wanted a peek-a-boo color to come through after some light distressing. I let that dry, which being in Arizona doesn’t take much time. Then, I painted on Posh Pink Chalk Type Paint. This is a wonderfully sweet, perfect pink! After that I lightly distressed with 220 grit sandpaper.

Next, I poured some Muddy Pond Spray Wax onto a paper plate. I sprayed my brush with a little bit of water and dipped it into the Spray Wax, brushed it on and then wiped some away as shown in the video below. (I apologize for the video quality. That’s something I need to get better at.)


Muddy Pond is my favorite wax to bring out the detail and add some depth over pastels and whites. It’s my go to shade of wax.

And TaDa! All finished. Here are some more detailed pictures.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveMuddy Pond Spray Wax Before and Afterpp4Thee Velvet Glove Frame MakeoverThee Velvet GlovehvdFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

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Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for stopping by! -L