Simply White and Totally Out of My Comfort Zone.

Hello friends! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve painted a piece of furniture white. I think I’ve done two besides this one, and those two weren’t all white and probably don’t even count.  I normally use lots of color and prints, bold stripes, leopard, floral, blues, pinks, red, orange, greens, polka dots, purples, gold and so forth. So many people are afraid of color, but me? I get nervous to do white. Kinda strange, because that’s what is incredibly popular with so many people, including me, loving the farmhouse look. I get quite a few messages and emails from people afraid to use color because they consider white “safe”. So this is me coming out of my comfort zone of color.

A classic white finish using Chantilly Chalk Type Paint,  a classic, bright white chalk type paint by Vintiques coupled with Antiqued Brown Spray Wax used as a glaze on a table with gorgeous carvings and tons of curves just begging for glaze down in those nooks and crannies. I sealed it with Vintiques Satin Top Coat. This table brings a lot on its own but I believe the white does soooo much for it and I’ve gotta admit I love the simplicity and classic look of it.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveTaped off to preserve that gorgeous top.

Thee Velvet Glove

Before and After:

Thee Velvet Glove Before and After

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet Glove

Thee Velvet GloveFor more information on Heirloom Traditions products click here.

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The Table that Tugged at my Heart.

I did this table one afternoon. I was feeling blue and kind of sad. Recently a dear, long time friend of mine passed away. He and those close to him have been on my mind a lot since I heard the news of his passing, along with others gone too soon. I painted this table how I envision peace, tranquility and my version of heaven. I see white, blues, yellow and green when I think of someplace peaceful. I didn’t want perfect lines. I wanted it to be a bit blurry and somewhat abstract. I hope you enjoy.

Thee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveThee Velvet GloveI used Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint in Direct Green, A La Mode, Sundance, Synergy and Aqueduct and finished with White Lime Soft Wax. I took pictures as I worked. I managed to take enough to make a bit of a tutorial of the process. I’ve been asked for tutorials from time to time and this is my first one so please bear with me.

Thee Velvet Glove1) Coat of Direct Green Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions

2) Coat of A La Mode Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions

3) Sundance Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions in random places

4) Synergy Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions in random spots

5) A coat of Aqueduct Chalk Type Paint by Heirloom Traditions, then distress with 100,150 and 220 grit sandpaper so the layers of different colors come through. Finish up by blending together with White Liming Soft Wax by Heirloom Traditions. For more information on Heirloom Traditions’ Products please visit your local retailer or click here.

Thee Velvet Glove TutorialHeirloom Traditions Chalk Type PaintThee Velvet Glove - Before and AfterFunny story about my friend. His name was Charlie. I remember how kind and caring he was to me when my younger sister, Lisa passed away. He checked on me a lot via email, a phone call or instant messaging. I remember he hadn’t heard from me for a couple of days one time and I was sitting at my desk at work and a message popped up on Instant Messenger from him asking me “Are you there? Hellooo. Where did you go? Are you in witness protection?” and if I messaged him back and I didn’t type fast enough he would say “Are you typing with oven mits on!?” Lol. He would have me smiling and laughing and completely turn my day around with just a few keystrokes. He had an energy about him. When he came into a room he absolutely lit it up. He was larger than life. He will be missed by so many. If you see this Charlie, I hope you approve and I hope you know I think about you often and still giggle at the memories. There isn’t, nor will there ever be, anyone like you. -L


Charles “Chuck” Erik Small ~ August 12, 1969 – July 25, 2015 ❤


This picture was in the multiple pics I took of the table. I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide whether to include it or not, but I felt I had to because of its uniqueness. It was too hard for me to just leave it out. I’m not saying it’s him, but I’m not saying it’s not him either. I’m just putting it here. There were several in a row like this; these same beams, some brighter than others.

Set of Dainty Side Tables

A set of dainty little tables painted with Shabby Paints Peacock and then topcoated with their Vax and Hazelnut ReVax. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this line. The coverage, color and texture of the paint is fabulous and the Vax and ReVax are amazing and very user friendly. Bravo Shabby Paint! I’m hooked. Dimensions: 29″H x 16″W x 1″D. For Sale.  Please email me at for price and details.  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂




PicMonkey Collagedaintyy

Antiqued Silver Glam Nightstands

Bring elegance and drama into any room.  Set of 2 Nightstands/End Tables with 3 spacious drawers. This finish obtained by layering various shades of silver and glazes to evoke a warm antiqued silvery glow. These pieces reflect light and sparkle like fine jewelry for your home.










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Damsel in Distress – 5 Drawer Chest

Damsel in Distress ~ 5 Drawer Chest. This piece is a bit wild & rowdy but charming and full of panache. Painted in an parade of colors including turquoise, mustard seed yellow, white and a of couple others, then heavily distressed.  Fronts of drawers are vivid and feminine. Chippy harlequin pattern on each side using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow.


DSCF5825aaDSCF5810aaPicMonkey Collagenhnggb

PicMonkey Collagebaddab

(Wood Lovers Look Away) – Before and After

 I received an email from Marian aka “Miss Mustard Seed” letting me know she added my Damsel in Distress to her Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Website – Inspiration page. Thank you, Marian. Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is one of my favorite paints to use.
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Double Pedestal Table and 4 Chairs ~ I’m Thankful For…

Double Pedestal Mahogany Table and 4 Chairs – Pedestals and Chairs are painted in Annie Sloan Old White, then distressed.  Top of table is painted in Coco and glazed to match the recovered chair cushions.

Around the apron of the table this prayer is painted:  “Heavenly Father, We thank thee for this home in which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the health, the work, the food and the bright skies that make our lives delightful. We ask thy blessings on the meal thou has provided for us and thank thee for all who have prepared it for our nourishment.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.” 🙂

Table Dimensions: 35″ deep by 70″ wide and stands 30″ tall.









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Only 2 Shades of Grey

Only 2 Shades of Grey –  Table can be used as a Nightstand or End Table – Painted in 2… Shades of Grey & 1 shade of White.  Front of drawer is striped and newly lined.  Waxed for a velvety sheen and durable finish.  Dimensions: 21.5″ Tall x 26″ Deep x 21″

PicMonkey Collagegreyffcc




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